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Posted By Topic: Lion City Sailors vs Borussia Dortmund       - Views: 132
24-Nov 2022 Thursday 4:40 PM (12 days ago)
laiszewea  1 Likes  
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going all out to cause a shock in this match

Lion City Sailors +3.0
Total Goals Over 4.75

all the best

No one will be walking alone,rushie_god9.

Our Fowler
Thou art is scoring
Robbie be thy name
Thy transfer has been done
On a free as it is in January
Give us this day our favourite Red
Alonso will give you the best passes
As Carra stops those who pass against us
Deliver us the title
And lead us not into relegation
For eleven is your number
Forever and ever
Our man

laiszewea  1 Likes  

24-Nov 2022 Thursday 6:53 PM (12 days ago)            #2
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Good luck 

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